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31 Oct 17

1. to not react – to not eat on my feelings 2. to feel whole – to find purpose – to know what I want to do 3. to feel I am enough

Foul mood

Foul foul foul mood. Motherfuckers better recognize. Fuck em all motherfuckers fuckin bastards bitches whores.

Fuck you all

Fuck you all mother fuckers bastards wankers! Go to fuckin hell you assholes motherfuckin whores


Pffffff ale szal pal aplikacja szajsowa nic nie da zrobic bleeeeeeeee

Christmas Eve’s eve

Christmas Eve’s eve 2013

Thistles Osiecka

give Me a Such a man, that word bears like a stone, and when it has already denounces – hard it is like he extended an arm.   Give me such a man, that will plant trees quarter of a century – say – will pass, and an oak will soon bloom.   Give me such a man, to whom my body my aging is not frightening, who awaits in a wooden hut, until I fall asleep, until I fall asleep.   I wish for such a man, who life, as a white cloth will put in my hand and will say: „Paint”.   just give Me Such a man, that brings me thistles, their smell is lovelier fragrance than the lily, or white carnation.   give Me Such a man, to whom a ...

pupa i ręka

‚Bo nie ma ucieczki przed gębą, jak tylko w inną gębę. A przed człowiekiem schronić się można tylko w objęcia innego człowieka. Przed pupą nie ma zaś w ogóle ucieczki – ścigajcie mnie, jeśli chcecie!’

Luke can see her face

-Open two-way communication is the foundation of love and… you cut that off. I had this friend, let’s call him Phillip, who thought expressing intimacy was a favour to his partner, but expressions of intimacy should be given freely and frequently. He loved Judy but he used his love as a bargaining tool. -Who the hell is Judy? -Phillip’s wife -I wasn’t bargaining -You were bargaining; you had expectations out of line with what you deserved, you didn’t nurture…

day five

did nothing all day. finished watching lost yesterday so had nothing to do there lol. started burning movies off my laptop to dvds. walked the dog. watched tv all afternoon. heartburn lessened last night after drinking cold milk p forced on me lol. it’s 2am

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