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Archiwum miesiąca Listopad 2009

Choking on the dust

I don’t know what I’ve been told
Parents love is awful cold
Instead of nurture, they just scold
I’d like to find a way to break away
I’d like to find a way to break away
Life is a stage, in which we all play
the world is a symphony of sarcastic lust
I’d like to be a part of the global game,
But im left behind, chokin on the dust
Chokin on the dust…

Let me sign

Standing there by the broken tree,
Her hands were all twisted, she was pointing at me.
I was damned by the light coming out of her eyes.
She spoke with a voice that disrupted the sky.
She said ‚Walk on over yeah to the bit of shade,
I will wrap you in my arms and you’ll know you’ve been saved’
Let me sign, let me sign, can’t fight the devil so just let me sign.
I was out for a drink in a soho bar
The air was smoked out liked a cheap cigar
She rose out of her seat …

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