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Archiwum miesiąca Czerwiec 2011

day five

did nothing all day. finished watching lost yesterday so had nothing to do there lol.
started burning movies off my laptop to dvds. walked the dog. watched tv all afternoon.
heartburn lessened last night after drinking cold milk p forced on me lol. it’s 2am

day four recall

went to uni with e. sat in library looking for jobs.
had huge heartburn all day and contipation in the evening. lol

day three

woke at 12 feeling shit 
left for bank at 3
went there, found huge mess, cleaned the mess
went to see e, went to park, watched ducks
went to meeting, struggled to connect, felt shit
went back, watched lost
p got happy drunk, lost his keys, found his keys, gave me a right scare, it’s 3am

day two afternoon

p woke me up about 10 and went out. ate oat meal, watched 6 episodes of lost. called mum, talked to o about stuff – hes starting new job back there. says he wants to see whats gonna happen. mum says i should go ack to live ith p. i didnt say nothin about pills. got disconnected. didnt call back.
got some food, watched more lost, wanted to walk dog ut its raining.
got a call from unknown number – didnt answer it twice. calledback after 5 -it was s about cat food. she sounded tipsy. told her will get some …

day first evening

went to bed but wouldnt fall asleep. watched some more lost (one but last episode of series 5). went to walk the dog. he didnt wanna play and was very naughty (again) – apparently i spoiled him and he no longer listens. came home, feeling a bit shaky physically and still sleepy as if before rain (weather’s good; rather mild not hot, but it was a brief hail storm in the afternoon).it’s 9.30pm

day first

went to GP in the morning. cried. took the test. she gave me prescription for citalopram 20mg and told me to take half tablet for four days. told me to make appointment within next 2 weeks. left, made appointment, went to town to get the pills at boots. went to ask aout my job. went home.
watched an episode of lost. took half a pill about 2:30pm or later. felt different for a minute (placebo effect lol). watched some more lost. got something to eat. started feeling sleepy. it’s just before 6pm. started feeling panicked and thinking about my problems …

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