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Archiwum miesiąca Grudzień 2012

Thistles Osiecka

give Me a Such a man,
that word bears like a stone,
and when it has already denounces – hard
it is like he extended an arm.
Give me such a man,
that will plant trees
quarter of a century – say – will pass,
and an oak will soon bloom.
Give me such a man,
to whom my body
my aging
is not frightening,
who awaits
in a wooden hut,
until I fall asleep,
I fall asleep.
I wish for such a man,
who life,
as a white cloth
will put in my hand
and will say:
just give Me Such a man,
that brings me thistles,
their smell is lovelier fragrance
than the lily,
or white carnation.
give Me Such a man,
to whom a …

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